Commercial Power Washing

Cleanliness is an attractive aspect of any business to customers. A business that looks professional will be perceived as professional. This look has the ability to be improved throughout the year on multiple occasions. A business’ first impression begins with the first thing customers see: the exterior of the building and property. A well-kept building will attract walk-in traffic as well as reassure customers of their decision to do business with a particular establishment.

A building or property can withstand the elements but lose some of its luster over time. It is impossible to prevent, but it can be fixed quickly. Whether the cause is weather, insufficient upkeep, or natural wear and tear over time, Distinctive Window Cleaning would love to have the opportunity to keep your business shining.

At Distinctive Window Cleaning, we can give your building, walkways, etc. the pristine look your business desires. We can do it all, from cleaning up oil stains in your parking garage to making your building shine like the day it was built. Our power washing service uses state of the art equipment. By pumping 8 gallons of water per minute, we are able to ensure the exterior of your business is given an appearance of which you can be proud.

We stand behind our work and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. For a free quote on our power washing service, give us a call at (941) 979-7165.